We know Wyoming has some dangerous jobs, but smokejumping is parachuting to fight wildfires. Those who even think about it earn up to $77,000 a year, and some are busy in Wyoming as we speak.

The Bureau of Land Management has more on the history of the job. In 1939, a test was funded to see if firefighters could be flown faster than the slow hikes to hard-to-reach blazes. In short, the results were the birth of smokejumping.

We'd think a person might be crazy to want to combine firefighting and parachuting into a career, but BLM smokejumpers have an impressive safety record. Of the reasons for their career choice, usually the first one cited is the appeal of teamwork. It's kind of a must for each and every one of them.

All that's needed is muscular and aerobic health, and an ability to work in each of the following: steep terrain, extreme temperature, high altitude, various emergencies, and of course, smoke. Actually, that's still not all that's needed, there's more on job requirements and training.

Our thanks for all you do. When this season ends, Cheers!