There were a number of UFO sightings recently thanks to an oil well. The truth is out there.

According to the YouTube description, this "UFO" was seen near Lambert, Montana. It led to a bunch of sightings being reported although there is an explanation that will be meaningful to all of us in Wyoming.

Guess what Lambert, Montana has a lot of? That's right. Oil fields. The person that shared this video was fortunately aware of this based on their comment on the video.

While feeding our cows on a very cold evening on our farm and ranch north of Lambert, Montana, my husband and I noticed a black ring floating in the sky. Had we not known it was a smoke ring that came from one of the oil wells over the hill, we would have thought we were being visited by aliens!

All that cold air without a lot of wind combined with the exhaust from the Lambert oil field led many to think that E.T. had decided that Montana was home.

It's worth noting that exhaust from oil fields has made a "top 5 deadly gases" list, but you'd have to be pretty tall to be affected by the ones in the video.

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