It's one of the most common sights in Yellowstone. If you go there, you see bison. That's a fact. However, there's a new video share that captures a special time of year for these mighty Wyoming beasts.

The description on YouTube says it all:

Bison bellowing during the rutting season in the early morning mist near Hayden Valley.

Ah, yes. Rutting season. It's male bison looking for love. They're hoping that ear-shaking bellow impresses one of the ladies and convinces her that he's the right mate. The NPS Yellowstone page adds additional details about this natural process including the fact that this bellow can also be a message that he's found a willing female and other bison dudes are to stay away.

The fact that this visitor captured the bison in the early morning mist just adds another level of Wyoming awesomeness to this time of year. Nothing more Wyoming than this.

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