It appears that Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, who played on the group's debut album 'Bleach,' will not be inducted as part of the legendary band when they get ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month. The worst part of it? He found out via text message.

Nirvana's manager, Michael Meisel, received a message from the Rock Hall: "Can you tell whoever looks after Chad Channing that he isn’t being inducted … It is just Dave [Grohl], Krist [Novoselic] and Kurt [Cobain]."

So, even though Channing played on the band's first single and album, he's being written out of the picture by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame organization. No word on the standing of guitarist Pat Smear in all of this, but we'd be a tad worried if we were him.

In a recent interview with, Channing stated he was planning on attending. "I got a call from Michael Meisel ... asking if I was attending the induction ceremony," Channing related. "He said that he had a ticket for me. I also talked to Krist about it a few weeks ago, and he definitely thought I should be there, and was gonna help make sure that I was. I’ll be there at the table ready to walk up there. Though I will be attending the ceremony, I’ve no plans to perform anything which is fine by me."

Then he got the bad news.

This is the latest blunder tied to this year's induction ceremony. First there was a huge mess with Kiss; then Cat Stevens said he might skip the ceremony. Over the years, the induction party has had more than its share of squabbles and petty bickering.

From the Beach Boys' Mike Love calling out the Beatles and Mick Jagger to John Fogerty refusing to allow the other members of Creedence Clearwater Revival to even speak to a scene caused by a former member of Blondie, this latest bit of news is just par for the course for the Rock Hall.