Well, isn't this Marvel...ous? Netflix is set to begin shooting their new original series, The Defenders, an adaptation based off the Marvel Comics series, in late 2016. While much of the information surrounding the program is still shrouded in mystery, a minute-long teaser has been released featuring Nirvana's smash hit "Come As You Are."

The clip spotlight's Kurt Cobain's vocals, backed by pulsating bass and sound effects as layered shreds of paper are sequentially torn away, possibly revealing subtle clues about the show. Some of the newspaper clippings and handwritten notes read "Sin Will Find You Out," "Nelson and Murdoc," "Alias — Investigations," "Property Seagate Prison" and "Who Is Danny Rand?" Zooming out, the torn away clips reveal an outstretched hand with ransom-note styled letters reading "DEFEND."

After Cobain wails the last line of the familiar opening verse, "As an old enemy," and the aforementioned hand is revealed, a deep voice bellows, "You think the four of you can save New York? You can't even save yourselves." The screen dramatically goes dark before popping up with The Defenders logo followed by "2017" in the middle of the black background.

This isn't the only Nirvana song to make headlines this month, as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was given one of the strangest treatments as a cover song. Pawel Zadrozniak took 64 floppy drives, eight hard discs and two scanners and somehow managed to get them all to function not only in sync, but in a way that they produced sounds identifiable with the Nirvana all-time classic.

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