24/7 Wall St. has published a study ranking the happiest and most miserable states in the nation.

Among the criteria considered were: poverty rate, unemployment rate, obesity rate, and percentage of adults with a bachelor's degree.

Wyoming ranks as the 14th happiest state in the nation. With an median income of $60,214, Wyomingites on average live a little more comfortably than the rest of the country, which has a median income $55,775. Wyoming also has a lower average poverty rate, sitting at 11.1% compared to the 14.7% national poverty rate.

Wyomingites are also fairly well educated, with 26.2% of residents having earned a bachelor's degree. Wyoming also has the 15th lowest unemployment rate, with only 4.2% of Wyomingites out of work.

For the complete breakdown click here. To see the complete list, click here.

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