As sporting events, as well as their television programming (like football) continue to decline, the popularity of eSports has gradually risen. But what are eSports?

Electronic Sports or eSports (also known as competitive video gaming) are a form of competition that is facilitated by video games, most often multi-player online games. First-person shooters like Call of Duty and Halo (and both franchises' myriad of sequels) are a good example, but fighting games and real-time strategy games also fall into this category.

In the above video, the Golden State Warriors owner Peter Guber talks about how he can see eSports surpassing the NFL soon.

A recent study done by Frontier Communications shows which games are the most played in the America. Overwatch is the clear front runner, but for the Cowboy State, the favorite is Halo 5: Gaurdians.

Frontier Communications
Frontier Communications

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