Just in time for Wednesday's celebration of Earth Day, Wallet Hub has released a new study ranking the Most and Least Eco-Friendly States in America. According to their research, Wyoming is the 10th least eco-friend state in the country.

The report is based on research from several areas related to the environment, including recycling, energy consumption, energy efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions, gasoline consumption and the number of "green" buildings.

The results aren't all bad. Wyoming ranks 16th in the percentage of the population that doesn't drive to work everyday, 17th in the number of green buildings per capital, and 18th for our percentage of energy consumption from renewable resources.

On the other hand, Wyoming finished dead last in carbon dioxide emissions, 49th in gasoline consumption per capital, 49th in energy efficiency and 43rd in the percentage of recycled municipal waste.

Vermont was ranked as the most eco-friendly state in the study, followed by Oregon, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Most of Wyoming's neighboring states finished in the middle of the pack, led by Colorado at #21, Kansas at #29, Idaho at #31, Utah at #32, Montana at #34 and Nebraska in 39th place.

Louisiana was ranked as the country's least eco-friendly state, followed by Texas, Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama. Check out the full list here.