As the health care debate continues to dominate the headlines, a national study has just ranked Wyoming among the best states in the country for physicians.

Wallet Hub's "Best and Worst States For Doctors" compared a variety of factors, including wages, malpractice claims, insurance rates, competitions and local health boards.

When adjusted to include cost of living, doctors here in the Cowboy State have the fifth-highest annual salary of any state in America. Wyoming also ranks seventh nationwide for "opportunity and competition" among physicians.

While Wyoming doctors are well compensated, there are some drawbacks for medical practioners. The study ranks the state medical board as the "most punitive" in America and 47th for  "medical environment".

Overall, the Cowboy State finished as the 17th best state for doctors.

Iowa, Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin and Kansas were the top performing states in the country.

New York was ranked as the worst state for doctors, followed by the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island.


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