Tuesday's mean new albums and there are a bunch of cool rock album releases today. I'm most excited for the new Faith No More! What are you excited for?

June 9:
Art of Anarchy, ‘Art of Anarchy’ (Another Century)
Bulletboys, ‘Elefante’ (Cleopatra / Deadline)
Coffins, ‘Perpetual Penance’ (HPGD)
Faith No More, ‘Angel Dust’ Reissue (Rhino)
Faith No More, ‘The Real Thing’ Reissue (Rhino)
Fight Amp, ‘Constantly Off’ (Brutal Panda)
Gamma Ray, ‘Best Of’ (EarMusic)
Gorgoroth, ‘Indistinctus Bestialis’ (Soulseller)
Grip Inc., ‘Hostage To Heaven’ EP (KFM)
Hollow Haze, ‘Memories Of An Ancient Time’ (Scarlet)
House of Lords, ‘Indestructible’ (Frontiers)
Lorna Shore, ‘Psalms’ (Density)
Muse, ‘Drones’ (Warner Brothers)
My Sleeping Karma, ‘Moksha’ (Napalm)
Nightslug, ‘Loathe’ (Broken Limbs)
No Consequence, ‘Vimana’ (Basick)
Sepultura, ‘Under My Skin’ EP (Nuclear Blast)
Sideburn, ‘Evil or Divine’ (Metalville)
Temple Of Dagon, ‘Revelations Of The Spirit’ EP (Black Voodoo)
Tremonti, ‘Cauterize’ (Fret12)
Trixter, ‘Human Era’ (Frontiers)
Young Guns, ‘Ones and Zeroes’ (Wind-Up)