There are plenty of naughty gifts out in the world, but this one might be one of the coolest, at least if you're a little on the naughty side yourself.

A company by the name of MSCHF (as in mischief), has a new dog collar, equipped with a speaker, that translates each of your dog's barks into swear words.

Of course, with the exception of a gag gift or something vulgar (yet funny) to pull off at family parties or engagements, it really has no purpose. It is was worth noting that it would be funny to see the look on a postman's face if your dog greeted him/her with an F-word.

The Cuss Collar retails for a mere $60.00 on the official website, but they sold out almost immediately. Who knew there was a demand for such a product?

The MSCHF company sells a plethora of equally ridiculous items, such as Jesus Shoes, which are customized Nike Air Max 97s, equipped with holy water from River Jordan visibly inserted into the sole. The item link includes a Bible verse that alludes to, in essence, "walking on water". These too have sold out, which also shows how well MSCHF is doing.

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