It is a social class where students practice being creative in a safe environment and are allowed to be themselves.

The NCTV program at Natrona County High School is seeking help from the public to purchase equipment for the classroom and students. Find out here how you can help to 'adopt' this classroom and help the next generation of media students get their start right here in Casper.

NCTV is a program at Natrona County High School that teaches students the art of film and broadcasting. The program has led many Casper students to successful careers in the fields of film, television, media, and more. The program is seeking the help from the public and past alumni to help continue to inspire and educate future students.

NCTV teacher of 21 years, Lance Madzey, has set up an "Adopt a Classroom" donation page in efforts to fund the purchase of new studio equipment for the program. Previously allocated funds for the program were depleted due to the downturn of the Wyoming economy and the high cost of the NCHS renovations. A goal of $15,300 has been set to cover the cost of new studio equipment for students to learn with and broadcast their weekly show.

The video above is collection of testimonials from past NCTV students showing their support for the NCTV program and testifying how it has enriched and helped their careers and lives. I can personally testify the importance of this program, as I am a past NCTV student and have greatly benefited from being apart of this class. You can also visit the NCTV Facebook page for additional testimonials.

Here is Lance Madzey's testimony on the 'Adopt a Classroom' page:

Hello and thank you so much for considering a donation to Natrona County High School Television! My name is Lance Madzey and I have been teaching film and television here at Natrona County High School in good ol' Casper, Wyoming for the past 21 years! I love what I do. I get to LAUNCH students into so many different industries including Hollywood! Past students of mine work in all different sorts of media arts jobs and will credit the N.C.T.V. program for getting them there. It is a social class where students practice being creative in a safe environment and are allowed to be themselves. All the while broadcasting their projects LIVE on the internet. The state of Wyoming is currently in a "bust" period when it comes to oil and this timing couldn't have been worse. New equipment funds were depleted and the kiddos need equipment to broadcast with. The old equipment was utilized for 21 years so you can bet we will make the updated equipment last. The program is important in so many ways. Don't just take my word for it. Here are some past N.C.T.V. students who share their reasons why its worth helping us out. [VIDEO] Here is a news article (you can google Lance Madzey or NCTV and find tons of these!) about NCTV being rad. [ARTICLE] The evidence is there. Its out all out there. We have a rather lofty goal since technology like this is expensive but, have whittled it down to the bare necessities as best we could. Your donation (or adoption) will help us purchase studio cameras, lighting equipment, audio equipment, tripods, a teleprompter, etc. Our goal is to raise $15,300. Please and Thank you so much for considering N.C.T.V!