Monday evening (April 9th, 2018), fourteen brave and dashing gentlemen, all students of Natrona County High School, strutted their stuff in front of the masses for an excellent cause.

Mr Mustang is an annual, all male beauty pageant hosted at NCHS, where all the proceeds go to benefit Make-A-Wish Wyoming.

To begin the night, Make-A-Wish brought out their first ever wish recipient, Austen Engberg, whose heartwarming story definitely moved all those in attendance. Afterwards, the pageant contestants entertained the crowd in many different and interesting ways throughout the evening. After their initial entrances (accompanied by their lovely escorts), the young men regaled the crowd with an awesome choreographed dance routine. As the evening progressed, each contestant displayed a "talent" which ranged anywhere from singing, stand-up comedy, martial arts displays and much more.

Before a winner was chosen, each contestant had to give pick up line to their escort(s), followed by answering a on judge's choice question.

The pageant judges included NCHS Campus Supervisor Mary Ann Chavez, NCHS science teacher Christina Baker, K2TV sports anchor Andrew Haubner, Casper Police officer Sergeant Dundas and our very own DJ Nyke, who were each welcomed with a very special, yet comedic introduction.

Mr. Mustang Judges 2018
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

The winners were:

  • Mr. Mustang - Streeter Boatright
  • First Runner up - Michael Gehred
  • 2nd Runner up - Ben Acres
  • 3rd Runner up - Brett Brenton
  • 4th Runner up - Logan Moncur
  • Mr. Congeniality - Owen Horning
Mr. Mustang 2018
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

The evening could not have been a success with the planning of Maddie Horning, Megan Jackson, Hannah Behren and the NCHS Student council.

Mr. Mustang with escorts
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

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