Melanie Kelly, Roosevelt High School Teacher, was recently awarded the 2022 Alpha Delta Kappa Excellence in Education Award for Wyoming and the Northwest Region!

An educator for 35 years, Kelly was honored to have received this award and truly humbled by the recognition for the work she does each day.

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"I believe there are jobs, there are careers, and there are callings. I have been called, and I answered with joy. My mom told me when I started this journey that I can teach 20 years or I can teach one year 20 times. I have definitely taught 35 years already with no two years ever being the same. I am learning more than I could possibly teach each year, as I have an amazing teaching partner in Jaime Bachert. I am still unsure when this phase of my journey will end. I am living my dream, teaching curriculum I love, with colleagues who are my friends, with students who teach me more than I could ever teach, with freedom to open minds and doors these students didn’t know they could open. We have many diamonds in the rough at RHS, and I love to mine for them."

The Excellence in Education Award recognizes active educators for outstanding contributions to education. Winners of this award receive a financial award to be used for educational purposes, materials, coursework, or to enhance their professional education! Receiving the Regional Award, Melanie is now eligible to receive the International Excellence in Education Award during the International ADK Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, in July this year.

"Living the dream" as she calls it, Kelly is dedicated each day to positively contributing to student growth, excellence, and the educational environment for all, "The best people in education are always striving to better themselves, and they put the students at the forefront because that is why we chose education in the first place. Being available to students – building relationships, listening to what young people have to say, should be at the top of the list for all educators. Another important contribution every teacher can make to increase students’ growth and drive them toward success is to create a classroom that is welcoming and design lessons that are engaging. When students have a desire to be in class, the learning comes naturally, and relationships are shaped."

Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary organization of over 25,000 women educators with 1100 chapters across the United States, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Its purpose is “To honor outstanding women educators. To strengthen the education profession through commitment to diversity and inclusion practices that respect and value each person for their unique qualities. To nurture relationships and networking opportunities. To enrich personal and professional development. To support altruistic projects, grants, and scholarships with time and resources. To embrace cultural differences and make an impact through world understanding” according to the official Alpha Delta Kappa website.

Melanie Kelly with Alpha Delta Kappa State Excellence of Education Chair Sandy House


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