The Natrona County School District has implemented a new bus hub system that hopefully will ensure the safe transport of all Casper/Natrona kids that utilize the bus system. They also admit it hasn't gone as smoothly as they would like for it to have.

The School District is asking parents to be be patient and offer up ways that parents can help get the system on par.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Natrona County Schools would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation in establishing our new bus hub system. The system was established to address several community concerns:


The safety of children. Monitors ride each bus now, so children can be kept safe.

Shortened time on buses. For many years, children were on buses for several hours, once this new system is in place, children should have a much shorter amount of time on a bus.

Less miles traveled. The community has expressed a concern that NCSD puts too many miles per year on the buses. As a solution, the hub system was implemented to create a more efficient system.



Some stumbling blocks from yesterday:


Many children who were not registered got on buses. This added significant time to the routes to ensure students where taken to the correct school.

Traffic flow was congested due to construction on many of the main thoroughfares.

The power to the bus garage was cut-off due to construction from 1:30-3:30 p.m. yesterday. We apologize we were not able to answer phones during that time.



What parents can do to help:


Make sure your child knows or carries something with them with their home address. Also, help them to remember their last name. Some parents had names and addresses written on backpacks. That helped the drivers quickly figure out where the child needed to be.

Register your child with our transportation system.

Please be patient. With the growth our community has experienced, we are working effectively to design the best and most efficient routes.



What we're doing to help:


Bus drivers will be issuing bus number information to children today, so they can remember which bus they need to get on in the afternoon.

Transportation will try to increase the number of calls and callbacks they make to concerned parents.

In the event of major delays the Transportation Department will update the NCSD Facebook page with expected arrivals/departures and other information.



Once again, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation for your understanding and cooperation as we work through the process of establishing the new bus hub system. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for all students and will continue to work diligently to do so.