You don't have to be a long time listener to know that we enjoy a good d**k joke. Of course, we can truly appreciate the best dick joke ever told on TV on the show Silicon Valley. If you're unfamiliar, it's a four minute scene where one of the guys makes an offhand comment about how he's so determined to win a contest that he would personally hand pleasure every guy in the auditorium. The rest of the segment is an incredible tangent where they mathematically figure out the best way to "finish the job" on all of the guys within 10 minutes.

You know who doesn't appreciate a great d**k joke? The nerds at NASA. Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr from Silicon Valley were at the Breakthrough Prize Awards to present an award in front of an auditorium of NASA scientists. They figured this was the best spot to try and bring that joke to life and attempted a quick reference to it by suggesting that they would host some "hand parties" for everyone in the room within 37 and a half minutes. The room full of scientists remained silent, the joke bombed and a moment of awkward silence forced them to move on.

These scientists should be ashamed of themselves.