Good news, fellas – new research indicates the so-called “beer gut” is not real.

Even if you toss back a couple dozen PBRs, it won't make a beeline for you stomach and increase your waist size. Amazingly, that’s only one of many, many lies you’ve probably heard about men. Here are some myths about men that you need to know are simply not true:

  • We don’t hand out cigars when babies are born

    We can't say when this stereotype started, but it's time to update it. No hospital would allow people to hand out any form of tobacco.

  • We don’t leave the toilet seat up

    We know it's not smart to do this. Leaving the seat up created an extra step if we run towards the john after enjoying Mexican for dinner.

  • We don't mind watching Lifetime

    This is pretty much all due to Jennifer Love Hewitt on 'The Client List.'

  • We don’t watch Spike TV

    Seriously, ask a guy to name the channel on his cable system.

  • We don’t always try to 'fix' things when women complain to us

    We're just trying to show we're sympathetic. Of course, this applies only when we listen. That myth is actually true.

  • We’re not all pigs

    Yes, some of us are actually nice guys.

  • We don’t use the Internet to watch porn

    Some may do that, but more use it to follow our fantasy football teams.

  • We don’t always enjoy working on cars/fixing things

    Women just think we do. The truth is we do it so we don't have to go antiquing with you. We'd rather be inside watching TV.

  • Sometimes, we actually do read Playboy for the articles

    There's some darned good writing in there.

  • We’re not messy

    In college, you can be a slob. When you grow up, you keep things tidy. Everyone knows that.

  • Some men do eat quiche

    ...but only when forced. If they didn't, we'd be able to find a good picture of a guy eating one.

  • We do like shopping for clothes

    We want to look dapper, whether we're rocking the red carpet or not.

  • We don’t like big boobs

    Not true -- we like boobs of all sizes.