I go to the Mountain West Conference Tournament in Las Vegas almost every year. This one, was by far the best I've ever expereinced.

The obvious reason is because I'm a Wyoming fan, and the Pokes won the championship.

But, there were several other contributing factors. Wyoming fans turned out their best attendance since the early 2000's. The Thomas and Mack Center was 3/4th's brown and gold. Wyoming fans were LOUD too. They did a great job shifting the momentum in the building when the Cowboys needed it in all three of their games.

The opposing fans were all great to Wyoming. Maybe it's because we're not necessarily the most "threatening" team traditionally. But I got congratulated by San Diego State, New Mexico, Utah State, Colorado State, and Fresno State fans.

Part of my duty to cover the event was to host 'Wyoming SportsLine' and Y95 Country's 'Cowboy Talk' each afternoon from the arena. It was great to be on the air in such a cool environment.

Finally, I couldn't be happier for this team. I've covered many teams and have gotten to know previous Wyoming teams. This is one of my all-time favorite bunches of people. The work ethic, team emphasis, and character of every one of these young men are to be commended.