It looks as though Motley Crue will have a new song coinciding with the dates for their 'Final Tour.' Bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars spoke with Guitar World about their future plans and revealed that there is indeed a new track in the works.

Mars revealed that the song is titled 'All Bad Things Must Come to an End,' and added, "It's probably about half finished. We have to wait for Vince [Neil] to sing it and then I'll do my soloing and ear candy all over it and stuff like that." At present there is no timeline for release on the track, but given that the band recorded the song 'Sex' in order to have a new song to play during their touring with KISS, it's probably safe to say the track will be ready for their touring.

Motley Crue have held off on stating that another full-length record would be released, and followed suit when asked about their future plans. Sixx stated that the band was looking into different licensing opportunities and added, "It'd be real easy to slap our name on anything and everything that comes our way, but we've always been very careful not to do that."

Following 'The Final Tour,' Mars revealed that he plans to work on a solo album. He explains, "I play rock and roll with a blues edge to it, and my solo album will be that kind of stuff, but also I believe a lot heavier than Motley. And that's not to say there's anything wrong with Motley music, because at the time we came up we were heavy. But I want to take the next step."

Sixx, meanwhile, wants to give fans the hits on the final run, but added that he hopes there's some recognition of their legacy. He explains, "Even if just for a second, it would be great for people to think about [the songwriting and the depth of our lyrics] and maybe not look at some of the other stuff that's always talked about with us. Just take a second and pause and go, 'You know what? Those four f---ing guys -- they were the soundtrack to our lives."