When it comes to this woman sharing her conspiracy theory, you could say the devil made her do it.

This woman gives a well-thought out (but clearly bonkers) argument that Monster Energy drink is really a product of Satan.

Her logic is kind of forced, don'cha think? It's kind of like those people who are really into astrology who try to fit what's going on in their lives into what they read in their horoscope to help them make decisions (because something like "your time is much better spent on adapting than fixing" is clearly so specific it can't possibly be applied to anyone besides a Gemini, right?).

In any event, this woman is pretty passionate. All we can say is, we definitely don't want to get stuck talking to her at a party. We're pretty sure she'd trap us in the corner while she goes off on a rant about how cocktail wienies mean America is being taken over by army of pigs.