Someday you could win the lottery. Or maybe you have that distant rich loved one who will leave you millions of dollars when they pass. The fact of the matter is most of us will never be rich, but we can always pretend. Champagne not sparking wine, please. Call the maid to pick up this mess … ok, back to reality. This article is a list of million dollar houses listed on Zillow around the Casper area. Now if you do win the lottery, hit me up on Facebook.

  • 4860 Chinook Trl, Casper, WY 82604

    $1,365,000 - 5 beds 5 baths 7,210 sqft

    This ranch house has everything you need and a few things you just want. Cook the best meals in the chef kitchen. Then after dinner watch a move in your theater room. Want to get out of the house? You have plenty of room for toys with your 4 car garage.

    Mary McGill, RE/MAX via Zillow
  • 4950 Country Club Rd, Casper, WY 82609

    $1,300,000 - 6 beds 6 baths 9,223 sqft

    If you are going to drop a million dollars, you might as well look like a million dollars. Stone work all around the house just says money. This mansion has spectacular mountain views and plenty of land to avoid those pesky neighbors. Luxurious finishes all around in the bathrooms and kitchen. This is one heck of a party house with a theater room and plenty of places to crash.

    Rebecca Sedar, RE/MAX via Zillow
  • 1108 S Wolcott St, Casper, WY 82601

    $2,299,000 - 4 beds 4.5 baths 9,500 sqft

    When you have money, why not buy a piece of history with this palace. The historic Henning home is amazing from the old world architecture to the ornate finishes inside. It has custom tile granite and marble, french doors, sun room, and private balconies. Plus it has an additional bedroom above the garage for your paid help.

    Rebecca Sedar, RE/MAX via Zillow
  • 208 Arapahoe Dr, Old Baldy Village, WY 82331

    $2,800,000 - 3 beds 3 baths 4,791 sqft

    This house is just off the golf course with over 5 acres all to yourself. It has the old west charm with modern luxuries. It has 4 fire places and a built in barbecue.

    William L. Speer, Century 21 via Zillow
  • E 1/2 Sec 3 T18n # R80W, Elk Mountain, WY 82324

    $4,950,000 - 4 beds 3 baths 7,850 sqft

    This log cabin is the ultimate hunting retreat with all the amenities. The owner qualifies for two landowner hunting permits for Area 11. It comes with a Suburban with snow cat tank treads for getting around in the winter time. It has a four car garage and plenty of bunk space for your crew.

    William L. Speer, Century 21 via Zillow