I once attended this annual event that celebrates Central Wyoming's Frontier spirit and history.

Events will include a parade, community picnic, fun for kids, and a golf tournament played on a course made of mowed prairie grass and sand greens.

If you plan to bring food from home there are some specific items you should have on your menu.

If you would like to bring food for the picnic please only bring fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods. Due to the Wyoming Food Safety Act, we have to ask that you only bring those items specified & DO NOT bring items that contain dairy products or need to be refrigerated.

On Saturday, line up for the parade starts at 9am and the parade will start at 10am, on 2nd Street in Edgerton.  At night there will be music at the park.  On Sunday, in Midwest, there will be a picnic.  There will be general multiple sporting events for all ages on Saturday and Sunday.  ALL MHS Alumni are invited and encouraged to join us!!!! The Salt Creek 4-H Club will be providing food & beverages throughout the entire weekend, so plan to bring the entire family to explore central Wyoming's historical roots and have a great time to boot!  Come out and enjoy with us.