There's one thing to learn from this video. If you're that guy who needs to be the center of attention when hitting the gym, wear Slayer's signature brand American flag tights.

We don't know much about physical activity beyond the rigorous typing of computer keys, but CrossFit is all the rage these days. The brand of extreme fitness revolves around unorthodox methods of exercise, and two hilarious dudes decided to make fun of it with their 'Typical CrossFit Workout.'

The clip is great in itself, but we're all about the Slayer tights. Look at those tights! Have you ever seen such a glorious blend of metal and patriotism?

Anyway, the two guys in this video grunt like cavemen while mindlessly "working out." But look at those tights! If you have any sense whatsoever, you'll buy a pair of Slayer leggings, hit the gym, and sooner or later, you'll be seen as the ultimate alpha male.

Watch the Slayer tights and the dude wearing them in the video above!

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