While Megadeth has ever been accused of being intimate, they showed their mellower side at the Palace Of Auburn Hills in Michigan last Thursday (2/9/12).

Performing 5 songs that would usually blast your nipples off, the masters of thrash give an extremely rare rendition of the following tunes:

0:27 - "Public Enemy No. 1"

4:50 - "Angry Again"

9:15 - "À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)" featuring Cristina Scabbia

13:50 - "Symphony of Destruction"

18:11 - "Use the Man"

Don't be too scared. Dave Mustaine starts the set off with this disclaimer...

“Some of the songs we haven’t played in years and years and years — so just have fun with this. Try not to be too critical, because I’m not gonna be.”