Our six-year-old hero from Cheyenne, Maverick, got to meet his heroes, the Boston Red Sox this week.

Former Red Sox player Kevin Millar first heard Maverick's story and then relayed it onto his friends currently on the team, including Maverick's favorite, David Ortiz.

Millar and Ortiz recorded a video for Maverick a few weeks ago wishing him well and Ortiz promised Maverick he would hit a home run for him against the Yankees, which he delivered on.

This week, the Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page has updated everyone, the Red Sox gave Maverick an even better present than a home run... Kevin Millar sent his private jet to give Maverick and his family a lift to Boston, where they went straight to Fenway Park.

Maverick was allowed onto the field at Fenway Park, where he got up close with the Green Monster...

Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page

He then went into the club house, where he was the star of the afternoon...

Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page

And finally a little one on one time playing catch with his hero, David Ortiz

Prayers For Maverick Facebook Page