The Douglas Budget Newspaper is reporting that the two Federal Marshals who shot and killed a man in a church parking lot after his father’s funeral in Douglas, will not be charged.

44-year-old Jason Scott Ramirez was shot outside St. James Catholic Church by Marshal Zachery Cantrell, who fired as Ramirez was reportedly trying to get into a car, in which was found a pistol. Ramirez was shot 7 times, and another officer tazed him in the leg.

The Marshals were serving an arrest warrant for possession of methamphetamine, intent to distribute and firearms violations, when Ramirez ran for the car, and was shot.

In the car, officers found a .32 caliber automatic pistol, and a loaded revolver. They also found meth, money and various pieces of drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, and on his person.