There’s a new video share from a man who’s convinced that the British are spraying chemicals over Wyoming.

First of all, I want to be clear that I’m not making fun of this dude. He’s not alone in his theory that the powers that be are spraying chemicals over our heads. But, I will admit that his most recent video made me laugh a little bit. I’m not gonna share his name. It’s included on his video description on YouTube if you care.

NOTE: there’s some occasional NSFW chatter in the video.

He indicates this video was captured this week over Worland, Wyoming. What he’s talking about is referred to as the chemtrail conspiracy theory. In short, it’s a belief that governments spray chemicals over populations to control/affect them.

Since my wife is a meteorologist, I’m quite familiar with contrails which are condensation clouds caused by airplane engine exhaust. To me, his videos show that and not chemicals, but that’s just my opinion.

Who cares what I think. What about you? Do you believe that chemicals are really being sprayed over our innocent American heads?

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