Boy, did this guy hear wrong when learning about the importance of good, clean GUMS.

This wizard has come up with a way to brush your teeth...with a gun.

It's an invention that looks like it's right out of MacGyver's playbook and one we're sure he beat the R&D team at Oral-B to by about a billion years.

It's as natural a combination as flossing with a grenade and perfect for the wanted man who can't let down his guard for even a second, but still realizes the importance of good oral hygiene.

At least when things go wrong and he blows his brains out, he'll have a nice set of pearly whites when he gets to the pearly gates. And this is just a guess, but we're gonna assume his toothpaste of choice is Aim and he rinses his mouth out with a water pistol.

As you can see, this guy is a visionary because he also demonstrated his machine gun toothbrush. After all, it's important to appeal to the whole range of gun-lovin', toothbrush-obsessed cavity fighters out there: