Whether you're buying for that very proud Wyomingite, or the family from outside of the state, you can find fabulous gifts sure to please anyone on Christmas Day. I looked to find the coolest Wyoming gifts that, as a very proud Wyomingite myself, I'd be ecstatic to receive.

A Christmas Wyoming Ornament


This Wyoming Christmas Ornament is too cool! Not only is it in the shape of Wyoming with all of the cool places and things to see there, but it's made of brass so it will last! What a great keepsake. Get it on Amazon now! 

Candles That Smell Like Wyoming 


I've previously written about the Homesick Wyoming Candle and the fact that I have one in my own home. And it really does smell like Wyoming! It smells like sagebrush and the cool pine air of the Snowy Range Mountains. With, inexplicably, a little bit of blueberry? You can get it before Christmas on their website. 

A Shadowbox of Your Favorite State 


This shadowbox is such a cool statement place to put on the wall in your living room, and reminds you just of where you came from with the names of all of the Wyoming cities in the background. 

This Cutting Board Is Too Cool 


I'm not sure I could take a cutting board to this knife or not. It's just so cool! It even has little topical illustrations for each of the cities listed (Like the giant T-rex on the University of Wyoming campus for Laramie!) Pick it up for just $30 on Amazon. 

Funny Wyoming T-Shirts 


I miiiiight have added one of these to my amazon cart immediately after making this list. The Straight Out Of Wyoming shirt is just too cool to pass up, and it a great way to show Wyoming pride when you're out and about. And this one about it being cold in Wyoming... too true, especially if your giftee has moved to a warmer climate.

Gift Baskets- Made In Wyoming! 


The best part about these baskets is that you can send them anywhere, and they are sure to remind that person you're sending them to of the place they love. With all of the beloved Made in Wyoming products, even the basket is made in the state! All hand crafted and sent with love. Sure to be a huge hit! 

What Wyoming-themed gift are you sending out these year?