Here in Casper, we have some world class musicians. In an effort to bring their skills to the masses, we've started a new concert series: "Live At Tee Roy's Desk".

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell would you have them play at your desk when you're surrounded by studios?"

Because f*** you, that's why.

OK - so actually, we thought it would be a pretty cool concept. Bring in a musician, sit them in an office setting, and let them do their thing. Our first, musician, is Mr. John Kirlin.

John has been a Casper staple for his entire life. Born into an extremely talented musical family, John's one of those cats that can play anything. When I first met him, he was a drummer for a metal band...and a pretty dang good one, at that. Now, he sticks primarily to Blue Grass and Americana, but his one-man live shows are a blast. Check out the video, then visit his Facebook Page and Website to see what he has coming up.