Limp Bizkit got to fulfill a dream during their performance at Stadtpark in Hamburg, Germany, on Tuesday (June 24) as they invited members of Anthrax onstage to perform the classic track 'Bring the Noise.'

Fred Durst introduced the group, stating, "If I could have a dream come true, I'd like to bring Anthrax out onstage with us right now." And with that, Frank Bello and Scott Ian came to the forefront of the stage, while frontman Joey Belladonna hung back a bit by the drumkit.

Before starting the track, Durst stated, "This is one of the songs that got my ass goin', skatin' to this s--- nonstop." As a youth, before his music career took off, Durst had many interests that included skating, breakdancing and working as a tattoo artist, and the music associated with those cultures led to his varied musical palette.

And speaking of varied cultures, the pairing of Anthrax with Public Enemy in 1991 on the metal-meets-rap version of 'Bring the Noise' was considered groundbreaking at the time and has become a rap-rock staple over the years.

With the chance to surround himself with Anthrax, as well as his Limp Bizkit cohorts, Durst made the most of it handling the fast-rhyming Public Enemy lyrics, while Anthrax brought the heavy. Check out fan-shot footage of the performance above.

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