Anyone who’s seen Like a Storm live knows that these New Zealand boys are a whole lot of fun in concert. The band has just been announced as an opening act for Sevendust's 2016 U.S. tour, and we had the awesome opportunity to catch up with the hilarious brothers Chris Brooks (vocals) and Matt Brooks (guitars) for a game of Would You Rather? Check it out below!

Would you rather mess up onstage or be late for a show?

Matt Brooks: I hate being late. When you’re late for a show it’s like the whole thing just snowballs plus I f--- up onstage all the time and no one notices! [Laughs] It doesn’t matter.

Chris Brooks: If he’s going to f--- up onstage then I’d rather be late. I don’t want to see that s---. I’ll let him f--- up. [Laughs]

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?

MB: That’s a tough one, the two complement each other. If all we did was tour I’d want to be making new music but if all we did was make new music then you can’t wait to get out there and tour. See what I did there? It’s the circle of life.

CB: I agree.

Would you rather have a massive fan base or a massive bank account?

MB: If you had a massive bank account, you could just pay people to like you so maybe that.

CB: True.

MB: There’s no need for integrity at that point. [Laughs] No need to try and create anything meaningful

CB: I wouldn’t mind a massive fan base.

MB: I’ll tell you what, Chris can have the massive fan base and I’ll take the massive bank account, we can trade. Just give us half each, a pretty massive bank account and a pretty massive fan base.

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who is still alive or one who’s passed away? Who would it be and why?

CB: I guess if they passed away, they wouldn’t eat much and I could have their meal.

MB: If you had to take Elvis out to dinner and he was alive it would be expensive.

CB: Jimi Hendrix for me.

MB: There’s a blues guitarist called Joe Bonamassa, maybe he can get lunch and I’d provide the conversation. I’d love to meet that guy.

Would you rather have drumsticks for hands or an accordion for legs?

MB: Drumsticks for hands would be awesome.

CB: I feel like there are so many things you couldn’t do with an accordion for legs. How would you put on pants?

MB: You wouldn’t need to. What kind of pants would you wear? Would you be even able to walk around if your legs were accordion because an accordion collapses under pressure.

CB: The Amish -- you could probably gain a large following with an accordion for legs. Well they have hand transplants so I’d go with drumsticks and then get a hand transplant.

Would you rather tour with a band you didn’t respect or a band that didn’t respect you?

CB: Well I’ve been working on my jump kicks so if they didn’t respect us you know…

MB: Plus I have drumsticks for hands…

CB: Luckily we haven’t had to make that choice. We’ve toured with a ton of bands that we love.

MB: Everyone’s been really nice to us. We respect everybody and for some reason everybody respects us.

CB: They don’t tell us otherwise. [Laugh]

Our thanks to Chris and Matt Brooks for playing 'Would You Rather?' Pick up Like a Storm's latest album, 'Awaken the Fire,' at iTunes.

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