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The rainy weather that has cooled things down in Natrona County has also brought lightning strikes and fires in the area.

Lt. Stewart Anderson of Natrona County Emergency Management says there are 6 fires in the area including one on Casper Mountain.

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When reached by K2 Radio News, he was on his way up the mountain and had no information on the size of the fire.

The others were in the Powder River area and on Ormsby Road.

Rocky Mountain Power reports a small outage in Homa Hills north of Bar Nunn, which may be related to the Ormsby Roed fires.

Casper Mountain Fire Department Chief Mike Huber said later Friday evening there was a small lightning strike-ignited fire on the mountain.

It burned half an acre, mostly grass, trees and shrubs.

Fire crews knocked it down and they will remain on the scene to make sure it stays out.

There were no reports of damages or injuries.

Other responding agencies included the Mills Fire Department, Casper Fire-EMS, and the Natrona County Fire District.

Roger Gray - Townsquare Media

Fires reported in Bar Nunn and elsewhere north of Casper appear to have been put out by the rain.


Roger Gray - Townsquare Media

Tom Morton contributed to this story.