The Wyoming spirit is alive and well.

Thanks to the effort of the Cheyenne Firefighters Local 279, and specifically firefighter Andrew Dyl's daughter, Madilyn, over $100 was raised for a local girl who is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Lemonade For Sophie Flyer

Release From The Cheyenne Firefighters: 

When life hands you lemons- make lemonade, they say! So that’s exactly what the daughter of a local firefighter set out to do. Andrew Dyl is a member of the Cheyenne Firefighters and has led the way when it comes to organizing larger scaled fundraisers presented by the union. He organizes the annual Freedom 5K to help fellow responders. Last year, he held a dodgeball tournament, pitting those first responders and local businesses against one another to raise money for a young girl in the community battling Leukemia. More than $3,000 was raised for Sophie and her family. And with the recent hot weather, Andrew’s daughter Madilyn decided to continue to help Sophie by setting up a lemonade stand.

                Three young girls, all daughters of fellow Cheyenne Firefighters, set up a lemonade booth with a goal to raise $100 last weekend. One cup at a time, and one homemade brownie every so often, their goal was reached. Madilyn cheered “with the money we made, we want to take Sophie on a shopping spree.” But there was one other message that these girls wanted to share. A message that caught Madilyn’s father by surprise. “The girls told me that they not only wanted to take Sophie shopping as a friend, but then wanted to treat her to an ice cream dessert to encourage her to keep the fight going against Leukemia,” Andrew explained. “These girls watch us give back to the community, and they wanted to do something similar.”

                When it comes to helping others, firefighters are on the forefront. Whether it’s on-duty for the 24 hour shift, or off-duty and understanding the importance of giving back to the community, Cheyenne Firefighters and their family members continue to demonstrate selfless acts for others. Just as Madilyn said “my dad always helps me. He always helps others. And I just wanted to help too!”

There will be another lemonade stand to help local children with cancer and leukemia Sunday, July 17 at the Safeway on S. Greeley. The lemonade selling starts at 10 a.m.

According to Andrew Dyl: "The money raised will go to challenge beads for the kids fighting cancer/leukemia. The kids earn stuff for being brave through treatments. So we're going to buy as many as we can to encourage the kids to fight the fight."

In 2015, Sophia was an honorary cheerleader at Cheyenne Central High School!~