On Wednesday, registration will open for Lemonade Day, while Monday an event was held outside of Hilltop Bank in anticipation of kids being able to register.

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Greg Dixson, president of Hilltop Bank, the title sponsor of Lemonade Day, said the event helps kids to learn financial literacy and how to create a successful business.

"The mission is to get kids excited, empower the kids. It's a really fun way to learn financial literacy," Dixson said. "They get to plan, they get to prepare, they construct with the help of their parents probably, they get to work on financial planning. In some cases, they get borrow money from their parents and then they repay it. And then if they're wildly successful, they learn philanthropy. There are some parents that have them donate a percentage of their revenue or profits to charities. It's really a neat thing, it's quite empowering for these kids, and there's a reward."

Dixson said they're hoping for good weather on Wednesday, but will be ready rain or shine, as they have preparations made whether it'll be indoors or outdoors.

Justine Fourman, the marketing coordinator for Hilltop Bank, said that the bank has been participating in the event since 2014, and are hoping for 800 kids to sign up this year, compared to around 500 that they had last year.

Tom McCarthy, President of Townsquare Media Casper, said that with the pandemic dying down, they are expecting a higher participation rate this year.

"With the pandemic, everyone is just as eager now as they've ever been to get out of the house and particularly do things with the community," McCarthy said. "That's why more than anything we expect above-average participation because parents and kids are just itching to get out and do normal stuff again."

Harlen Robinson, store manager at Sutherlands Lumber, a sponsor of Lemonade Day and provide prizes for kids, said Sutherland loves to support kids in the community.

"Everything we do is about kids so we donate back into this community about $32,000 a year," Robinson said. "It's all established around kids whether it's 4-H, Lemonade Day, CYB Baseball, or youth hockey. Whatever it might be it's all about kids, growing them up from the roots."

Jeremiah and Levi Lincoln Collins, seven and six respectively, are two brothers who've been doing Lemonade Day since they were two and three, last year won third place in the best stand contest with their monster truck-themed stand and made $450 in sales last year.

Both Jeremiah and Levi are saving the money they make from the lemonade stand, along with money from selling sheep, with Levi wanting to buy a car and Jeremiah saving for a helicopter.

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