March 21, 2016 was a blow to many Wyoming basketball fans as Larry Shyatt announced he would step down from the head coach position and move toward a new path in life. Many people have questions as to what Papa Shy's new career move will be and where life will take the man who had guided our basketball program to a new level.

So we decided to imagine the new Larry Shyatt. Check out our five new career predictions for the legendary Larry Shyatt.

  • 1

    Papa Shy Graffiti Touch-up Artist

    Papa Shy may head toward the new and exciting career of professional graffiti touch-up artist. His knack for detail on the court translates well to developing street artistry.

    Some say he was born with art in his eye and fire in his soul, and fine tuning alley art may be the next great venture. Although the pay is nothing, Papa Shy understands a true labor of love. Every alley is his canvas.

  • 2

    Bare Knuckle Boxer of Political Candidates

    Papa Shy can use his great skills in defense on the court in the ring. Many people see this year's presidential candidates as non-representative. Larry Shyatt will make some cash going the distance with all political candidates against the ropes.

    Unfortunately, the graphic, violent nature of his battle with Trump was NSFW, so we could only show a round with Sanders.

  • 3

    Papa Shy Tp Hustle Outside of Porta Potties

    Papa Shy will use his knack for recruiting for finding untapped business ventures. One of those "great ideas" will lead Papa Shy to hustle toilet paper outside of Porta Potties during large-scale concert events.

    Being familiar with the "Brown and Gold," Papa Shy will have an advantage over his Mountain West TP Hustlin' competitors. He will corner the market at every event. Rumor may have him selling this June at Country Jam in Grand junction, Colo.

  • 4

    Super Shyatt Bowl

    Shyatt loves a great defensive team and there is none better than the Denver Broncos. We predict Shyatt makes the starting quarterback position, which may urk Mark Sanchez a little. But Shyatt's long history of leading with a great defense will prove itself once more in the Mile High Stadium.

    Fans will note they can hear him screaming "Laramie" at the top of his lungs before every snap.

  • 5

    Papa Shy and Kendrick Lamar Tour

    We all remember Papa Shy's tantalizing moves after beating CSU this year, but is that the last of his moves we will see?

    In our final prediction, we believe that Papa Shy will join Kendrick Lamar as a new hip hop duo that will not only stand the test of time, but also unite many people musically across the board.

    Papa Shy will bring his '80s throwback dance sensibilities to the stage with Lamar's subtle and effective rapping skills. With bitter jealousy and the anger of Salieri, Kanye West will renounce music for good and remain in the Papa Shy's shadows for the rest of the days to come.