Korn drummer Ray Luzier recently opened up about the rampant piracy affecting the music industry and how popular streaming sites are ripping off artists. Luzier said that sites like Spotify are really taking it to musicians and he tells the company to “Just take all of our money, why don’t you.” Watch the interview in the player above.

In an interview with Albany radio station Q103’s Dalton Castle, Ray Luzier shares a story of a fan approaching him around 2006 with a CD-R and asking for his autograph when he was still with Army of Anyone. Luzier says that he lost it on the fan, who admitted to ripping the CD from a friend. He said, "[I'm like], 'You stole? My record's like $9.99. You couldn't afford a $10 bill? We just worked four-and-a-half months.'"

He adds, "I'm one of those old dudes that still does that. I go out and come home from Best Buy with, like, four CDs ... It's all about supporting the artist.”

Luzier believes that something must be done to prevent the rampant piracy in the music industry. "Someone's gotta do something, put a chip in there where you can't duplicate it." He goes on to state, "The thing is, with the newer generation, the kids don't really understand that it's taking or stealing.”

While technology keeps advancing, the artists seem to be suffering, but Luzier understands it is part of the game. “It's technology. I get it,” he said. “I'm just saying, to the fans out there, if you really love your art and people you support, go buy the freaking record. How hard is it?"

Korn will kick off their European tour with Slipknot and King 810 in Dublin, Ireland on Jan. 14. Check out all their tour dates here.