Jonathan Davis called into Lubbock, Texas, radio station KFMX recently to talk about the ‘Prepare for Hell Tour,' on which Korn are opening for Slipknot, celebrating 20 years as a band and a lot more. Listen to the interview in the player above.

In the interview conducted by KFMX's Rooster, the Korn frontman opened up about the band's current tour with Slipknot. Davis admitted he was uneasy about opening up for the metal giants. “I’m not going to lie. I was kind of nervous to open up for Slipknot, because they’re this really, really extreme metal band.” Davis added, “I didn’t know how those guys were going to take it. But it’s been nothing but love out here from their fans and the Korn fans that come out.”

Davis said that Korn has put together a really fun setlist for the tour and decided to strip things down for the big outing. “We really wanted to do something different, you know, because we’re going to be playing before Slipknot. Their vibe looks like hell on stage, it’s fire and it’s dark. We wanted to do something that was totally the opposite, that was just about bringing the party.”

The singer also told KFMX that their 20 years of experience have led them to one of their best tours. “We got a lot of wisdom, a lot of years on the road and stuff. It’s really cool to be able to do this for so long, and it shows in our shows. We’ve had a lot of practice and we’re in a really good state.”

Check out the audio interview with Jonathan in the player above or check out KFMX for more.

Korn and Slipknot will next bring the ‘Prepare for Hell Tour' to Baltimore, Md. on Nov. 19. Check out all their tour dates here.

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