Korn's bond with their fans is inspirational, and Loudwire has exclusively teamed with the band to showcase some moments that many don't see. This latest installment of the Korn Fan Video Testimonial series filmed by videographer Sebastien Paquet features 19-year-old cancer patient Nicole Rose.

Rose is suffering from inoperable Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, and after tweeting that her wish was to meet Korn, an online campaign was started to help her do just that. Funds were raised that allowed Rose to travel to Jacksonville, Fla., from Omaha to see the band live and so much more.

Nicole cites 'Hold On' as the song that first struck a chord with her, as it proved inspirational as she dealt with her health issues. She also added that the band members own lives have been inspirational as well. "Jonathan Davis -- he's dealt with depression and I've dealt with depression. He's taught me that I still have these feelings but I'm still going on," says Rose. "I’m still here today and I'm glad that I'm here today. It's just been really inspiring for me."

During her visit, Rose was greeted by drummer Ray Luzier and whisked off to a signing session where she got to see the band members interact with their fans. The members of Korn also took part in a pre-show jam session that appears in this video testimonial. And she also joined the band for their pre-show prayer, before watching them rock live.

"Even though I'm living with this disease I'm still keeping a positive outlook on life and just keeping my head up and Korn is just my biggest inspiration," concludes Rose.

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