Korn have a close bond with their fans and over the years they've gone out of their way to give many of those who love the band unique access to them. The band's videographer, Sebastien Paquet, has been filming some of these special moments and Loudwire is happy to premiere a number of these fan testimonials, starting with the clip above.

This video features Josh Ferrier and his family, who traveled from South Dakota to Sioux City, Iowa, for one of the band's shows on the 'Night of the Living Dreads' tour last year. Ferrier and his wife are avid Korn fans and have passed down their passion for seeing the group to their 8-year-old son Jonathan, who was named after Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

As Josh Ferrier tells it in the video above, "I went to my first Korn show 10 years ago in Vegas and it was an experience that changed my life. It's something that me and my wife have followed for years and it's just awesome that we could bring it to the whole family, our children, and it just means a lot to us."

He adds that since his family lives in South Dakota, not a lot of bands come to visit so he and his wife have traveled the country to see Korn in different locations. On this particular night, their son Jonathan was getting a chance to see his first concert ever.

Korn definitely made it a special experience. The family met the entire band and as can be seen in the video, young Jonathan is completely rocking from the side of the stage watching Korn play live. In addition, Davis signed a few items, gave young Jonathan his wristband and spoke with the concert newbie about his band.

Stay tuned for more Sebastien Paquet-filmed Korn video testimonials featuring their fans coming soon.

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