It was one of the more memorable rock photos in recent years -- Korn's Jonathan Davis embracing former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch at Carolina Rebellion in 2012. Loudwire has been teaming with Korn to exclusively bring you a series of video testimonials shot by the band's videographer, Sebastien Paquet, and the latest focuses on Chad Martel, the Monster Energy photographer who captured the now famous "Reconciliation" shot between Davis and Welch.

In the video, Martel recalls being tipped off by Carolina Rebellion producer Danny Wimmer that something special was going to happen and he's happy to have been in the right place at the right time. Martel says, "It was just an amazing, amazing, amazing experience just to be part of that and to have an iconic photo in my library that was just a special moment for them, and for the whole Korn family."

Of course that fateful day opened the door to Welch's eventual return to Korn, and Martel was thrilled to have captured the special moment. "This is real," says the photographer. "This is real emotion there. These guys haven't seen each other in a long time."

In the video you can also see Davis and Welch putting their own stamp on the moment, signing a blown up photo of Martel's original shot for the photographer. Stay tuned for the next Korn Fan Video Testimonial.

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