KISS have completed their video collaboration with Japanese girl group Momorio Clover Z and now the full 'Yume No Ukiyo Saitemina' clip has finally arrived (watch above).

The ambitious video is a mix of animation and live action, with it first appearing as though the two bands are set to do battle. The clip starts in vivid animation with KISS appearing as a towering force hovering over the tiny but determined girls, but as the band members of both acts transition from animation to live action, it's clear that these girls can hold their own, with Momorio Clover Z eventually earning the respect of KISS by the end of the clip.

As for the song, it's primarily Mororio Clover Z on vocals, with KISS laying down some of the harder edged backing and the occasional "hey, hey" chants. But fans of KISS shouldn't fret, as there's a song called 'Samurai Son' that features 'Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina' as its base that will feature more of the band.

A 'Momocio Edition' and a 'KISS Edition' will both be released on Jan. 28, and 'Samurai Son' will also be released as part of KISS' upcoming Japanese compilation 'Best of KISS 40.' Momorio Clover Z have also signed on to open for KISS at their March 3 Tokyo Dome show.

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