Love him or hate him, Kanye West is back in the news again. He was taking some selfies with fans in Jackson, Wyoming. The funny thing is everyone is talking about his pink hair and not his new album.

Last time he was in the Jackson Hole area, the tabloids said he was hiding in Wyoming to record a new album. Now people gloss over the location and go right to his hair.

The full story, accoding to Tweets from TeamKanyeDaily and Hip Hop Facts, is Kanye has returned to Jackson to record with Travis Scott. There is no official word on a release date or anything on the new album. There have been some unverified tweets and stories like this one from, but there is nothing written in stone. The only thing we know for sure is he was in Jackson and now has pink hair.

Then what's up with the pink hair? Accoding to, Kanye dyed it to support (or match) with his wife Kim Kardasian. Or at least that is their theroy.

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