Judas Priest are starting the promotional cycle leading up to their 'Redeemer of Souls' album on July 8. One of their recent stops was on the popular U.K. music show, 'Later With Jools Holland,' and during the brief chat Rob Halford addressed his trademark of the "Metal God" moniker.

Holland asked Halford about filing for a trademark of the name in 2009, to which the metal legend responded, "I would never put myself on that pedestal. That's the title the fans started to give me after the famous 'British Steel' album." But even though he'll humbly accept the moniker from fans, he also feels protective of the nickname. "It's something I really cherish," says Halford. "I don't want anybody else to be the metal god but me."

Also during the chat, even though it's previously been strongly hinted and discussed by Halford, the vocalist confirmed that Judas Priest will continue to tour. "I think we have to," said Halford, when asked if the band would play live again. Judas Priest staged the Epitaph World Tour in 2010 and 2011, but it was later revealed that it was more of a farewell to epic, massive multi-year treks.

The band has been rejuvenated by the addition of guitarist Richie Faulkner, and Halford stated when asked if they were still "wild men of rock and roll," "When we're onstage we've still got that dynamic. This guy here [Faulkner] is the one."

Check out the video, which also includes Faulkner's thoughts on joining the band and the desired side professions of Halford, Ian Hil and Faulkner, at the top of this post.

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