Natrona County Law Enforcement Agencies continue to look for the man who according to informants, has threatened to either shoot at officers and/or commit suicide by cop.

Twenty-nine year old Joshua Coats, is described as a white male, six-feet, eight-inches tall, and weighs 275 pounds.

He has two bench warrants for failure to appear in two separate drug related cases.

Casper Police Detective John Hatcher says Coats has made numerous statements that he does not want to go back to prison.

Hatcher added "And if he is contacted by law enforcement, he will do everything in his ability including shooting it out with the police, suicide by cop, or anything like that to keep from going back to prison."

Law enforcement does not know that for sure, but people have given police that information, Hatcher said.

According to court records and the Natrona County District Attorney's Office, Coats served a term in prison starting back in 2004, for a drug related offense.

Then in January 2013, he was arrested and charged in an unrelated case, with conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Coats pleaded guilty to that charge, and was given a five-to-seven year suspended prison sentence, with three years of probation, and he had to spend some time at the Casper Re-Entry Center.

Then in March 2016, he was arrested and charged in another case of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, and because of that arrest and charge, he was terminated from the CRC.

Coats did not show to a scheduled court hearing in May 2016 for the most recent case, and prosecutors have filed a petition to have his probation revoked, because of the new charge.

In late June, he was scheduled to appear in court to answer to the petition, and did not show to that hearing either.

Hatcher says Coats may be in the Casper area or elsewhere in Natrona County.

He added that Coats also may be in Shoshoni or Riverton in Fremont County, but it is unknown what kind of ties he may have in Fremont County.

If someone knows Coats is wanted and has him stay at their place, law enforcement may consider them as harboring a fugitive.

If you have information on his location, Hatcher asks you to please contact the Casper Police Department at the non-emergency number at 235-8278.

If you see Coats, DO NOT approach him, because he might be armed.

Instead, call 911 immediately.

Informants will remain anonymous.