When guys are in the Wyoming Football locker room for multiple years, they build a bond that will be there for life. Even when they play for opposite NFL teams.

Two former Cowboys met up on Thanksgiving night on the the football field. Quarterback Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Defensive End Carl Granderson of New Orleans Saints were together for Thanksgiving, just on the opposite sides of the field.

Allen and Granderson spent three years together at the University of Wyoming before Allen left to go to the NFL in 2018.

Thanksgiving is about as prime time as you get when it comes to NFL games. Families are gathered together, eating, drinking and watching football all day. Some families can't get along enough to stay in the same room, but when there is a football game and food involved they can handle it.

The jersey swap between two players has become somewhat of an NFL tradition. There may be a connection between them (like Allen and Granderson) or it's just mutual respect. Most of the time those jerseys will end up in their own personal trophy rooms as a piece of memorabilia or could end up going to benefit a charity or event they have to help others.

Even though the Allen led Bills beat up on Granderson's Saints 31-5,  the two met up to exchange jerseys, compliment each other on their play and spend a few minutes chatting about a couple of the games highlights. Including when Granderson was able to sack Allen during the game.

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