What has Josh Allen meant to the University of Wyoming? According to a new study, coverage of Cowboys football generated over $46 million in media exposure last season.

Let's break down the numbers:

According to a media research firm, The Wyoming football team was on national television for nearly 21 hours last fall, which accounted for $13.6 million in brand recognition.

The Pokes were also featured on over 1,500 news programs, generating another $2 million in media coverage.

Wyoming football was referenced in over 10,000 print publications, producing an estimated value of $7.6 million.

The Cowboys were covered in nearly 20,000 internet stories, which created close to $23 million in publicity.

Admittedly, Wyoming football would have received considerable media coverage without Allen. However, there is no understating his economic impact on the program, the university and the state.

If the media exposure was valued at $46 million, we can only imagine how much revenue Allen generated in ticket sales, merchandising and business for local merchants. It might even be worth more than the huge contract he'll sign this year.


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