Former University of Wyoming quarterback and current Buffalo Bills phenom, Josh Allen, was recently doing an interview for 'Radio Row' as part of the festivities leading up to Super Bowl weekend. However, one interview in particular decided to have a little too much fun at Allen's expense. Based on the reactions to said interview, there's more than a few people in Buffalo, and likely in the Wyoming chapter of the Bills Mafia that are not too pleased.

By now, any Buffalo Bills fan, including all the ones from Wyoming, know what happened in the AFC Divisional round of this year's NFL Playoffs. In an incredible game between the Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs that went back and forth over the final two minutes of the 4th quarter, the Buffalo Bills took a 36-33 lead on a 19 yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis with just 13 seconds remaining. Yes, THOSE 13 seconds.

With all their timeouts remaining, the Chiefs would then use a 19 yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreke Hill and then a 25 yard pass to Travis Kelce that would set up a 49-yard field goal to tie the game at 36-36 as time expired in regulation. In hind sight, the Bills were 13 seconds away from victory, but now, that's all gone.

The Bills would lose the coin toss and the Chiefs would get the ball first and score a touchdown, ending the wild game, with a 42-36 overtime final that ended the season for Allen and the Bills.

And so, we fast forward to now when this interview with Josh Allen took place:

Kudos to Josh Allen for being a class act and playing along with the interview bit. As you can imagine, Bills fans were none too pleased by the clip.

As you can see, the responses were not too happy whatsoever. Given the type of player that we've all seen Josh Allen come to be in the NFL, I would agree with the first response that said, "It's okay, Josh will keep his receipts."

If I were to make a prediction, I would say that Allen will take the loss with him into the next season and be that much better for it. This is probably something I wouldn't revisit with the Buffalo Bills quarterback not even three weeks removed from the game in which we played about as well as you could only to come up short.

You can bet that Allen and the Bills are counting down the days to the start of the 2022 season.

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