In between all of the recent arguments and apologies, it's kinda easy to forget that Jack White has a new album coming out real soon. The highly anticipated 'Lazaretto' comes out on June 10, and a few songs have already made their way to fans' ears.

Last night, the guitar hero added another one, when he debuted 'Temporary Ground' at the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston. You can watch a performance of the song above.

White's energetic set at the festival included songs from throughout his career, spanning cuts from the White Stripes and the Raconteurs to a wealth of solo material.

"All right, I'm gonna go acoustic until they figure out how the electricity works again," White told the crowd before kicking into the country-ish 'Temporary Ground.' Acoustic guitar and fiddle dominate the tune, along with some sweet down-home harmonies.

White also dished out 'Lazaretto''s first single, 'High Ball Stepper,' last night. You can watch the live version of that one below.

UPDATE: 'Lazaretto' is streaming over at iTunes right now, if you want to hear it.