One year ago, Jack White visited the New York Public Library for the very special event, 'Exploring the Rise and Fall of Paramount Records.' Alongside Dean and Scott Blackwood, Daphne A. Brooks and Greil Marcus, White explored Third Man Records' massive first volume of archives of historical Paramount music, spanning 1917-1932.

Now, weeks after announcing Third Man's plans for a volume two -- covering the years 1928-1932 -- White has unveiled details for another academic symposium on Paramount, this time at Battell Chapel on the campus of Yale. Again joined by the Blackwoods, Marcus and Brooks (as well as Adia Victoria), the group will "present an evening of musical exploration and conversation, unpacking the label's rich history and celebrating the release of volumes one and two of 'The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records'" (according to Yale's Department of African American Studies). The event takes place on Oct. 28 -- see the full flyer below.

If attendees are as lucky as those who saw White in New York last year, they'll be going home with a very special gift; at the New York Public Library, audience members received a free 78 RPM record specifically pressed for the event by Third Man.

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